Highway Escárcega - Chetumal km 95, Conhuas, Entrance Calakmul, Campeche, México

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Our Services


In our “Selva Restaurant” we serve delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners in a warm family atmosphere. We offer service for individuals, families and large groups.    Our menu includes breakfasts, meats for example, cecina, beef and chicken, amoungst others, and a selection od drinks. Our food is served with maiz tortillas, chaya tortillas, nopales and also ramon tortillas. Ramon is a seed that the Mayas collected. The recollection and making into tortillas of these seeds is an ancient Mayan custom. “The Selva Restaurant” is located in a very convenient place (at the entrance to Balamku) for your visits to Balamku, Calakmul and other places of natural beauty.

Tours – Guides

And for your visit to the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, we offer a professional guide service for the jungle (to experience the jungle paths and observe animals and birds) and also for the archeological site of Calakmul.

Cabins and Tours Calakmul


Stay in our cabins that are located very close (only 2 kilometres from the Calakmul Reserve entrance). Our cabins have 1 or 2 matrimonial beds, we also have cabins with 2 matrimonial beds and a single bed for larger groups of people. The cabins have a private bathroom, hammock and space to sit outsiode and in. Also there is space to park your car.